Sunday, November 27, 2016

New Moon in Sagittarius Conjunct Juno: We Bear the Burden of This Truth With a Little Help From Our Friends

 Photos: Willow

We experience a New Moon in lively Sagittarius on November 29 as the Sun and Moon come together exactly conjunct soul mate asteroid Juno at 7 degrees (4:18 a.m. PST).

This Sagittarius New Moon falls tightly square the nodal axis (North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces), as well as Neptune, which is still regaining speed direct at 9 degrees Pisces in a separating conjunction with the South Node.

At the time of the New Moon, wounded healer Chiron will be stationing direct in challenging square aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius (November 30), potentially creating some fairly intense personal/collective pain-waves.

This is not easy territory to navigate, with various patches of emotional and psychic quicksand threatening to take us under into the swirl and whirl and confusion of the end-of-Piscean-era energy. A painful memory, an insensitive comment, a triggering image - pretty much anything could bring us into an acute awareness of how rough it's been. A creeping sense of overwhelm can permeate things now, and we may have to fight the urge to give up the seemingly futile battle with a resounding, "Screw it!"

Now, there are certain battles we really do need to disengage from. Certain battles really are futile and are becoming moreso as we hurtle beyond the Piscean era paradigm and into astrological Aquarius.

The false dichotomy of the Hegelian dialectic (Democrat vs. Republican, left vs. right, liberal vs. conservative, etc.) is one of those battles, as much of the population wastes time and energy fighting "the other side" rather than focusing energy and attention on the big picture, on the real problems, on the more important common battles that actually draw us together.

These aspects indicate particular challenge for those who know and express an understanding of things that is not commonly accepted.

With a Sagittarius New Moon exactly conjunct Juno, we can draw strength and inspiration from the others out there who know the things we know, who see the things we see, and who are willing to speak up about it when necessary. We can draw strength and inspiration from the others out there willing to live their lives bearing and doing right by these unpopular truths.

There are others out there being opposed because of the truths they understand, carry, and deliver. This has been a theme throughout human history. And there are others who feel just as beleaguered and exhausted by the bearing of these unpopular truths at the end of the road for the astrological Piscean era.

How is it possible to continue, to gather the strength and energy, time and time again, to cut through the mind control, the distraction, and the carefully manufactured lies that have been accepted as truth?

How it is possible to continue the battle against misleading media, deceitful corporate communications and advertising, and maya-inducing controlled opposition agents, all with budgets in the millions or even billions of dollars?

The truth is: we can do it because it needs to be done. The force is with us, so to speak. We can do it because a single word of truth applied at the right time in the right way can cut through millenia of establishment bullcrap, billions of deceitful words and phrases and concepts and lecturers and authors and pundits.

We can do it because we have soul mates (Juno) out there who know and understand and carry similar truth themselves (Sagittarius).

This New Moon in Sagittarius opens us into a "new truth portal" and a month-long lunar cycle that involves encounters with these truth-bearing soul mates that can inspire us and energize us and renew our faith in this righteous yet difficult/treacherous/exasperating path.

Relationship planet Venus in Capricorn is exactly square Uranus in Aries on the day of this Sagittarius New Moon, indicating that a team effort moves us beyond crystallized, old-era set-ups. We can see how our combined efforts and diligence are creating cracks in the structural realities of the establishment. With continued efforts, these cracks become fissures and the fissures become crevasses and the crevasses break things down until we can simply step - together - out of the rubble and into something different, into something better. We wear down the seemingly impenetrable rocks with the truth; we weaken them until no self-respecting human can deny what we see and know and understand.  

The strong emphasis on mutable energy at this New Moon (with the Sun, Moon, Juno, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune, Chiron, and the Nodes of the Moon in mutable signs) indicates a December involving many changes. Things are in a state of flux this December, but that does not mean there will not be solid and meaningful progress amidst all the activity. As written about in the most recent patron article, Saturn is now charging through 17 - 21 degrees Sagittarius in one pass only, indicating that some long-desired and hard-earned progress could fall into place as we close out 2016. This is progress that could solidify our positions in beneficial ways, sustaining us for years to come.

So we're tired. We're sick of the crap. We're fed up feeling as if we're the only ones who took the red pill. And we're wondering how we can eke out the meaning, the strength, and the energy to continue the battle for what we consider truthful and right.

But so are our Juno in Sagittarius soul mates.

Despite the isolation abyss-zones indicated by Neptune conjunct the South Node in Pisces, we're not alone in any of this. Those who know things that are kept out of the mainstream discourse are in very good company.

We do not bear the burden of knowing and seeing and understanding these things alone. Though we may be physically or socially isolated in our awareness, this is a shared burden, a burden that is shared from heart-to-heart across generations and millenia, across time and space.

We bear these truths because we know how to. We bear them because it's a matter of personal pride and honour. We bear them because to let them drop only allows the bastards on this planet to win, to continue the nasty, nasty things they are doing. And to let them drop only increases the weight on others who know and see and understand, our Juno in Sagittarius soul mates. 

So keep telling your truth, keep standing up for what you feel is right, keep living by the light of your own philosophy and understanding of things. Keep sharing information and perspective, even when you fear it is futile to do so. It isn't.

And the energy from the others living by the flames of their own righteous little souls will sustain and fortify during the month ahead...

With the Virgo North Node leading the way, it is a very specific application of truth and perspective that unlocks things. It is the puncturing of half-truth blanket statements that do not hold up under further scrutiny or analysis. It is a practical and moderate tongue, a modest clarification of matters that is mindful of energy conservation. It is a precise pinpointing of errors in judgement or discernment. 

The Moon enters Sagittarius November 28 at 12:46 p.m. with the Juno-infused New Moon at 7 degrees on November 29 at 4:18 a.m.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Chiron Stationing Direct in Pisces and the Natural Reaction of Depression Under Highly Challenging Collective Circumstances

 Photos: Willow

Wounded healer Chiron is stationing direct at the moment at 20 degrees Pisces (November 30), bringing the need for clarity around how our personal pain is intricately tied to the broader collective pain and pain-inducing dynamics.

This body in this sign moving through a station can bring a definite "emotional wet blanket" effect.

On the heels of the Neptune direct station exactly conjunct the South Node of the Moon at 9 degrees Pisces on November 19, the pain we are shouldering due to our collective circumstances is intensified.

Thanks to a comment made by one of WWA's intuitive and researching readers, I've updated a previous post on the subject from October 25, 2013. The themes still very much apply and may help to put things into helpful context:

"Depression is often talked about as if it is a disease, and it certainly can be.

But depression is also a natural bio-chemical response to the state of things on this planet. This is what most people miss. Or maybe it's what they choose to gloss over because then they are not in control. Then the issues snowball. They become huge and unmanageable via the usually prescribed methods. And there is no real solution - only understanding, acceptance, love, endurance, and a willingness to stare it all down, to expose it.

One of the biggest sources of fuel for depression these days is the degree of collective denial we are living with en masse. It's emotionally upsetting, to say the very least. This is the distance between the bottom line reality on this planet and the way most people - including our so-called leaders - are living. The decisions being made and the options being presented don't have much basis in that bottom line reality. Most are living in an artificial state of manufactured reality, and there isn't much that is more depressing to a natural, biological being than living in artifice. Take a look at the animals in the zoo.

We are connected to the living beings who are suffering on this planet, and they're connected to us and to our suffering. And when that suffering is denied, avoided, glossed over, brushed aside, it adds a heaping helping of psychic disturbance to our psyches. Did you really think you were just going to go about your happy, happy life while the majority of this planet suffers under systems and structures that create and reinforce that pain? That's not how life on this round, rotating ball really works.

You remember what went on in Iraq? What's still going on? Well, the devastation and pain from that is monstrous, unimaginable, and it has ripple effects that haven't even gotten started yet. We're going to be dealing with this one for centuries.

You know the nightmare going on in Fukushima these days? That affects you. It affects all of us. It seeps into our psyches, whether we pay it any conscious heed or not. We're tied to the water on this planet, to the creatures in that water. We're tied to the workers on the Fukushima front lines who are being irradiated as I type. We're tied to the emotional and psychic states of other living beings. We can't separate ourselves from this "terrible tragedy that's happening somewhere else." We're teetering on the brink, right here, right now, and we have been since March 11, 2011.

You remember when we thought the oil gusher and massive, criminal dosing of Core-exit in the Gulf of Mexico was the big collective problem? Doesn't Chiron in Pisces have a funny way of putting things in context for us?

We live in a world that wants to separate people into the happy and the unhappy, the joyful and the depressed, the fortunate and the unfortunate, the normal and the abnormal, the positive and the negative.

But those distinctions are not real.

If the scenarios on planet Earth during transiting Chiron in Pisces (2011 - 2019) teach us anything, it's that what affects one will eventually affect all. There is no real line between the fortunates and the unfortunates. We cannot separate ourselves from the corruption, the murder, the erosion, the destruction, the poisoning that is going on - no matter what dimension you mistakenly believe you are ascending to, no matter how much fake currency you have in your bank account.

The fascists didn't really lose the war.

And now they've gotten into our food, into our water, into our air, into our minds, into our psychic environments, into our relationships, and into the social fabric that holds us together.

They have people chasing money and luxury items and tropical vacations and 200 "likes" on their seductive, social media selfies. They have people chasing a highly skewed idea of "success," all so very poisonous and destructive during the Pluto in Capricorn years.

They have people regimented in inhumane 8 to 5 office schedules that do not take into account the natural ebb and flow of energy in a biological organism.

And they have people convinced that if they can't sustain this grueling Monday to Friday march, they are worthless, damaged, less than whole. In short, if you can't keep up with that relentless, robotic, fluorescently-lit pace, there's something very, very wrong with you.

If you have to work two or three jobs just to keep a roof over your head and food on your table, there's something wrong with you.

If you are a man who can't work 14, 16, 18-hour days, there is something wrong with you.

If you are woman who can't cheerfully whip up culinary delights for her family every night of the week after working a full day, there is something wrong with you.

They have people snowed, that's for sure.

They have people blaming themselves for situations that have been planned and orchestrated to be just this bad...and worse.

There is a natural ebb and flow to the energy of a human being. The Moon cycles are a big indicator of this. But we are in the Pluto in Capricorn years: caffeine and drug-fueled to keep us going and going and going. We are in a series of years when it's considered a sickness if you need to rest, if you need to slow down, if you need to just stop for a little while.

We're convinced by a toxic pharmaceutical-pushing medical establishment that we need to be medicated. We need to be more "up" or more "down" or more something in order to be normal, sane, healthy.

Not once does that medical establishment look at the insanity of the constant merry-go-round. Not once does it look at the intentional disruption of the biological systems on this planet. Not once does it look at our food, our water, our air, our mental, psychic, and physical environments.

And so it misses the point.

With the North Node of the Moon in Virgo until May 2017, it's our job to get to the point. To root this the fuck out so that it stops preying on us.

It's our job to make the connections between a) how we feel and b) what is going on on this planet that could be leading us to feel that way.

It's our job not to make ourselves pathological just because our biology is responding in a perfectly understandable fashion to stressful and frightening situations.

It's our job to understand depression as a natural and normal reaction to a world that has gone way off course. It's our job to integrate it as much as possible, to keep our emotional states as fluid as possible, to feel it all, right down deep, but not to allow it to drag us under and keep us there.

We're moving to a New Moon at 7 degrees Sagittarius on November 29 that will square Neptune in Pisces and the nodal axis.

This means we are also coming to the Dark of the Moon period, one of those natural energetic low points I was talking about. Again, understand the insanity of a system that ignores this fundamental energy cycle, this Moon cycle, this ebb and flow, this soul root. Don't make the natural reactions of your biology and emotional chemistry into the insane things.

Again, putting personal feelings and reactions into their broader context is necessary. Things are being planned and orchestrated now, just as they were in the 1930s when we last found ourselves in the aftermath of a Uranus-Pluto square series. There is evil on this planet attempting to direct us into a death march, and the only way we don't succumb to the depression of this is to continually expose it, rip the mask off it, get pissed off about it, talk about it, laugh at it, and look at the ugly, ugly things it is doing so that we can break its hold and its manipulation wherever we can.

Getting to the deep-down emotional and psychological roots is necessary. Understanding the pathology of the structures, the power hierarchies, the relentless corporate pace, and understanding our natural reactions to that pathology, is necessary.

To get out from under the most detrimental weight of all this, we have to put it into context. We have to see it clearly. We have to stop blaming ourselves. We have to put our emotional and psychological reactions into their proper context until they don't seem insane at all. Until they seem downright valiant!

As we move through the "new truth portal" of the Sagittarius New Moon with Chiron stationing direct in Pisces, if you do nothing else, break out of the current medical establishment mindset that makes individuals sick, damaged, and pathological without any correlations made to the sick, damaged, and pathological collective structures and ways of doing things.

Refuse the weight of this bullshit diagnosis. Refuse all the bullshit diagnoses. Don't make your emotional reactions to these upsetting times a bad thing, a wrong thing. Trust your emotional body, and follow its cues and impulses in order to stay the course.

Strength to you all, and keep your spirits up!"

This is a photo of a Christmas cactus I inherited from my lively and fun-loving Sagittarian Grandma. These cacti flower when the sunlight hours start to get short, reminding us to slow down, conserve energy, and take time to appreciate small beauties!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Disturbance in the Force: Neptune Stationing Direct Exactly Conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Pisces

I woke up this morning, came out of my bedroom, and found this. A mystery bowl sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor. At first, I just stared at it and thought I must be seeing something of supernatural origin. Then I remembered I heard a noise last night that woke me up but was too lazy/sleepy/unconcerned to investigate. I assume the bowl fell off the heap of clean dishes, rolled across the floor, and came to a rest in upright position as you see it here.

But then I put the bowl back on the pile of dishes, looked to my right, and saw a sponge sitting in the middle of the sink. This sponge had been resting firmly on the side of the sink when I went to bed last night. I hadn't used it in a few days. So there was really no logical explanation (Virgo North Node) for how that sponge got into the sink.

Neptune stationing weirdliness! It's to be expected under the current astrological conditions.

From the November 8, 2016 post, "Neptune Stationing Symptoms: A Friendly Reminder from Your Anarchist Astro-Reporter":

"Everything is a bit weirder and a bit more surreal under the energy of these stations. The veil between the material and the immaterial is just a bit thinner. Taps on the shoulder from the universe are a bit stronger. We perceive the other side communicating with us a bit more clearly."

The exact conjunction of Neptune and the South Node of the Moon at 9 degrees Pisces occurs today, and the Neptune direct station occurs November 19, so the weirdliness reaches its peak over the next few days with the Sun traversing the last degrees of otherworldly Scorpio. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Keeping it in Context


Your anarchist astro-reporter, Willow, on the psychic and emotional aftermath of the U.S. presidential election and how to keep it all in perspective:


SoundCloud: U.S. Election Fallout


YouTube: U.S. Election Fallout



This discussion is courtesy of Matt Savinar and his KOWS 107.3 FM community radio show, Ask the Astrologer, out of Occidental, California. You can listen to Matt's show live online every Thursday at 10 a.m. Pacific.

More on the astrology of the time and its effects can be found in this November 8, 2016 article: Neptune Stationing Symptoms: A Friendly Reminder from Your Anarchist Astro-Reporter

And speaking of keeping things in context (ahem), Happy Full Moon in Taurus at perigee!

Photo by my dear Mum from her kitchen window on the cattle ranch in Saskatchewan. You can't get much more Taurean than that!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Intense Social Transformation with Survival-Based Subcultures and Fringe-Dweller Associations Emerging

 Photo: Willow

In many cases, common sense and common human decency cannot be applied within the current structural set-ups. This goes against protocol, you see. It's just not how things are done.

Ultimately, there are people sitting at the top of pyramid scheme hierarchies who have not truly earned their positions of power and leadership. These people are afforded a certain leniency and a certain level of freedom that are not offered to those struggling on the lower echelons of the power structures. Their lives are relatively easy and luxurious simply because they are living off the sweat, labour, talent, and intelligence of those beneath them on the rungs of power. Their ease is supported by the discomfort, struggle, and misery of those forced into disadvantaged positions out of economic necessity. And these unjust dynamics are built into most of the institutions, businesses, and structural set-ups in existence. 

If Lord of the Underworld Pluto transiting Capricorn has taught us one thing, it's that the structural hierarchies of Planet Earth are illegitimate to the point of criminality in many cases (moral if not legal).

Jupiter in Libra square Pluto in Capricorn throws a spotlight on all this illegitimacy and unfairness. With the first square intensifying into late November, we can't just put a happy face on it anymore. We're all out of happy faces.  

This is an excerpt from the patron article, "Intense Social Transformation with Survival-Based Subcultures and Fringe-Dweller Associations Emerging." It is available in its entirety to Willow's Web Astrology patrons, or it is available for $10.25 by PayPal or email money transfer for non-patrons.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Neptune Stationing Symptoms: A Friendly Reminder from Your Anarchist Astro-Reporter

Psychedelic Haight-Ashbury, no Photoshopping
Photo: Willow

Neptune is slowing in the zodiac to station direct November 19, and it is exactly conjunct the South Node of the Moon at 9 degrees Pisces.

This Neptune-South Node conjunction intensifies the effects of the Neptune direct station, and it also adds an element of increased caution related to blind spots, spaceiness, wishful thinking, illusions, and areas of psychic vulnerability.

There are many nasty karmic loops and ass-biting scenarios associated with the South Node of the Moon, in particular the Pisces South Node, and in particular the Pisces South Node with Neptune stationing direct in exact conjunction!

I've woven together and updated some information from a few past articles on the subject to describe the conditions under which we find ourselves at the moment, with much of the world under the intense illusions of engineered U.S. presidential election maya. One of these illusions is the belief that there is any real choice between the two candidates, that either one would alter the violent and fascistic trajectory that has already been set out and followed to the pre-planned letter for decades, centuries, and millenia now. The belief that a woman in office will be kinder and gentler or that the billionaire male candidate in office will be "anti-establishment" (with his cozy Goldman Sachs and high finance cronies) is yet more of this mind-fogging maya.

(Just like Obomba was supposed to be the great hope for the people and for race relations...)

So let's just say we have some fairly major collective illusions being played out under this particularly potent Neptune station conjunct the South Node, with election theatrics and related mainstream media mind control diverting the public's attention from much more important matters.

The Moon will be in Pisces during the U.S. presidential election (November 8 - 10) to boot, forming conjunctions to Neptune and the South Node in the early morning of November 9.

Physical reality can feel heavy and burdensome as Neptune energy concentrates in the astro atmosphere, as it is doing now. This effect is exacerbated, again, as Neptune stations in exact conjunction to the karmic pitfall-oriented South Node of the Moon. People are under the effect of illusion and delusion more strongly now, and decisions and commitments can be reversed very easily. Things are not entirely as they seem (ahem, watch for those false flags) with Neptune in Pisces flooding the psyche so strongly.

Wounded healer Chiron is also slowing to station direct in Pisces (at 20 degrees on December 1). This can heighten the psychically painful aspects of our collective situation and inter-related circumstances on Planet Earth. The false divisions being created among the people by our so-called leaders are particularly painful to experience under Chiron in Pisces. Ultimately, this placement teaches us that those divisions, too, are part of the mind-fuck illusions being used to deceive us and to divert us from our real, unified collective power.

From a previous post (updated): "Hollow-gut disappointments hang around us like stale fumes. End-of-era love relationships are a confusing, disorienting mess. The idea that our dreams are not special, that we're not special under egalitarian Aquarius, can erode us at the heart. The discrepancy between where we hoped we'd be at this point versus where we really are is staggering at times - both personally and on a broader societal or collective level.

Anyone aware of the circumstances of humanity on Planet Earth at this time will find them humbling, to say the least.

Some lingering depression, disappointment, disillusionment, despondency, or a sense of utter futility about carrying on from here can be expected. There's an unfulfilled sadness in the air, in the collective psyche, so watch to make sure you or your loved ones don't tip too far into the psychic bleak.

The new guy wasn't who you hoped he was. The new job that seemed so interesting turned out to be more of the same. The daily grind seems increasingly dull, painful, pointless, hopeless. Reaching for the bottle, for the bong, for junk food, or for the credit card are all possibilities to dull the pain, to desensitize.

This is standard end-of-era backwash, however. More end-of-Pisces clearing. Fool me once, shame on you, Neptune. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Keep moving, keep flowing, and keep laughing at the insanity of the situations with which we are faced in this foul year of our Lord two thousand and sixteen...

Because it's also funny.

Isn't it?

To be set up with these seemingly impossible clusterfuck scenarios during our lifetimes on Planet Earth?

It didn't start with us, and it doesn't end with us.

But we do have a prime and shining opportunity to direct things now.

Neptune stationing, like prominent Neptune in the natal chart, can create a sort of stoner effect on even the most sober among us. Air-headed and flaky. Forgetful. Dreamy. Wistful. Pie-in-sky. Avoiding. Self-pitying. Indulgent. La La Land-living.

Stay on track and stay focused on your own newly burgeoning Aquarian-era ideals, despite the Neptunian fog tempting us to go down maudlin back alleys or to take diversionary, wishful-thinking detours."

Pisces is the sign of the most sublime spiritual bliss and also of the harshest disappointments, loss, and devastation known to humankind. It's the idea of the lotus flower, blossoming beautifully out of some of the dankest and most difficult muck this planet has to offer. It is the idea of being invisibly bound together by the trials and tribulations of the human condition but also by the love, sweet love, that brings us through it all.

All this is woven into our reality as these two bodies station direct in Pisces - Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces on November 19 and wounded healer Chiron at 20 degrees Pisces on December 1.

These dual stations can bring some grogginess, some dreaminess, and some general mind fog. Everything is a bit weirder and a bit more surreal under the energy of these stations. The veil between the material and the immaterial is just a bit thinner. Taps on the shoulder from the universe are a bit stronger. We perceive the other side communicating with us a bit more clearly.

Just keep putting one foot in front of the other, though! Take a meditative approach to all those dutiful and practical Virgo North Node tasks that may seem so daunting now: cleaning, cooking, hygiene, organization, paperwork, and daily details. Give yourself plenty of praise and encouragement for completing even the smallest and simplest of tasks. You flossed your teeth, cleaned your shower, clipped your fingernails? Go, you!

It is these mundane Virgoan tasks that keep us grounded and functioning as the Neptune-South Node conjunction acts to pull us out of the physical dimension.

Neptune Stationing Symptoms:

From "Neptune Stations Direct and Brings the Foggy, the Floaty, the Wispy, and the Surreal," November 9, 2012:

When a planet appears to slow in the zodiac to station either retrograde or direct, we often experience a palpable concentration of that planet's energy and themes.

Neptune is the planet associated with, among other things, dreams; illusions; spiritual communion and guidance; psychic connection; the unconscious; sublime artistic ability; surreality; escapism; oceans; fluids; flooding; permeation; blind spots; smokescreens; fraud; deception; and addictions...

With stationing Neptune permeating the astro atmosphere, we can expect a few of the following symptoms to be kicked up...

- Dreams can be much more vivid and involved. They can have a "journeying" quality, as if we have traveled through many other worlds, and we can wake up feeling more tired than when we went to bed. Prophetic or foreshadowing dreams are more common.

- Sleep can be deeper, as if we're falling off into utter abyss and have to drag ourselves out and back into waking life. We may sleep longer or more often than usual, and people can continue to have a sleepy, dreamy quality throughout the waking hours. The standard afternoon coffee just doesn't cut it!

- We can experience disrupted sleep with odd periods of wakefulness in the night.

- "Cosmic winks" and communication from the universe are more apparent. It can sometimes feel as if the radio or TV is communicating directly to you. A stronger than usual feeling that you are not alone.

- Daydreaming increases. Imagery from the mind's eye is clearer and more active than usual and can be distracting in day-to-day life.

- Our psychic space is more permeable when Neptune is strong, and we have to carefully filter the heightened impressions we're receiving.

- People can be more impressionable, easily swayed, and prone to wishful thinking, particularly with love relationships. We can be convinced of things when Neptune is strong that we could not be convinced of at other times. The standard, "What was I thinking?" In the same way that we can believe a dream we've had is real, it's possible to believe things are one way when all logical conclusions (and later, hindsight) would indicate otherwise.

- We can be more easily deceived by people, missing major character flaws because we're blinded by the good in them, by their "spiritual auras," or by their potential.

- Plumbing problems are more likely. A low water level for flushing toilets, in particular, is common during Neptune stations.

- Personal plumbing issues are also more likely. Urinating more than usual or having to use a (hopefully natural) diuretic to assist urination. (Uva Ursi works well.) Urinary tract irritation is more common when Neptune is strong, so avoid soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol, and increase intake of water and real cranberry juice.

- There can be a strong jonesing for drugs and/or alcohol.

- But we are also more easily altered and affected by drugs and alcohol.

- Food allergies and sensitivities can be heightened. We're craving "fun and easy" foods, but they can have ill effects.

- We can be more sensitive to perfumes and scents.

- There can be a giddy, giggly, intoxicating quality in the air. Neptunian whiffs of ether.

- People can be more sensitive than usual and their feelings more easily hurt. There is stronger sensitivity to the suffering in the world, and people are more easily brought to tears when Neptune is strong. The Neptunian waterworks. People may choose more isolation than usual to offset this heightened sensitivity.

- We can spend money on things, particularly on frivolous things, that we wouldn't ordinarily spend money on. When Neptune is strong, we crave escapism, entertainment, and ease from the daily grind. Pizza delivery and Chinese take-out must see an increase in business!

- The simplest daily tasks can seem irritating and overwhelming. Multi-tasking is more difficult.

- People may embrace their inner dirty hippie and skip a few showers. Personal hygiene is one of those daily tasks that can seem impossibly arduous when Neptune is strong.

- It can be difficult to make ourselves fully understood, as if we are yelling underwater. People may pick up on one layer of what we're saying without grasping the full meaning.

- Generally, a lot of projection is flying around. People could be interacting with their own fabricated versions of who you are, rather than anything based in reality.

- Strongly Neptunian/Piscean people can usually be spotted by a sort of dreamy, shrouded, faraway look around the eyes. The area around the eyes can appear a little shadowed and hollowed-out."

So cut yourself (and others) a little slack as the unseen realms demand more of our energy and mental/psychic space now. Understand that we're all a little haunted right now, and we're all a little confused at times. Maintain focus (especially while driving!), stay active however you can, even in the smallest of ways, and don't let the Piscean/Neptunian anesthetic effect take you under.

We can expect lingering effects into the first part of December. 

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Points to Ponder Under the Scorpio New Moon

I just found this in my drafts from a few years ago, and it seemed apropos as we open out of the 7-degree Scorpio New Moon today:

One of the biggest ways to screw yourself over if you're an "all in" Plutonic type is to mistake someone else as "all in" when, in fact, they are "one foot in, one foot out."

Just to keep it straight: most people, if they have any designs on fundamental change on this planet at all, are "one foot in, one foot out." They'll rail against the hierarchy but only from within the security of that hierarchy. They'll bitch about the masses, but only from a socially acceptable position.

When you get right down to it, most people want to fit in. They want a "normal" life, firmly within the insulating folds of whatever establishment will have them.

One of the greatest and most wondrous things the Pluto in Capricorn transit is doing, with world economies timed to implode one-by-one like dominoes, is it's making it harder for people to further insulate themselves within their version of the American/Canadian Dream.

Don't get me wrong. At this point, most people just want back into the fold. They just want back in their safe, secure 8 to 5 with dental or whatever variation there might be. People just want back on the treadmill, damn it.

But I'm glad Pluto is not allowing that.

For billions of people on this planet - the majority of people on this planet - being insulated within that mainstream dream was never an option to begin with.

And this is what it's like for truly Plutonic people. There is no option of being insulated from what's really going on on this planet. There is no way to put the blinders back up after they've been unceremoniously torn down. There is no going along with it, unless one can tolerate being soul-poisoned by the facade they must project to do so.

But most people aren't like this, and this is a key thing to remember, especially during Scorpio season. Plutonic people are a special breed, under a special set of conditions that most of the human race couldn't tolerate let alone succeed or prosper under.

To forget that - to project the "all in" Plutonic qualities on people who don't, ultimately, have them - is one way those who have Pluto as a driving force in their lives can screw themselves over royally...

Monday, October 24, 2016

Scorping Season

The Sun and Mercury form their exterior conjunction in underbelly-exposing Scorpio on October 27 (9:16 a.m. PDT at 4 degrees), and we are officially immersed in the witching season.

For a brief time, our thoughts are fused with the current moment. No ruminating on the past or stressing about future challenges. We're right here, focused right into the Scorpy-quiet current moment.

As the Sun and Mercury come together in regeneration-oriented Scorpio, our brains receive some much needed healing.

Our synapses are being purged and cleansed of the million little worries and zillion little details we had on our minds during the extended transit of Mercury through precision-driven Virgo. That transit lasted from July 30 to October 7, including a retrograde period that required some intense mental focus on our parts in order to stay on top of the proceedings.

This Sun-Mercury conjunction marks a completion point related to the themes of that Mercury retrograde process. We've made, re-established, or reinforced some important connections, coming into new understanding and perspective about things, and this allows us to shed some mental dead weight.

Allow that dead weight to fall away, layer-by-layer.

We can finally let go of some things that have been eating at us and infringing on our peace of mind since the summer.

We are also moving to a very interesting New Moon at 7 degrees Scorpio on October 30 (10:38 a.m.), just in time for All Hallow's Eve.

As we move into the dark half of the year in the northern hemisphere, ceding the reins to dark Goddess Cailleach, the focus turns inward. At the surface, things appear to go dormant as we enter the dark half. But this is not entirely true. The real action, the real alchemy, and the real catalyzing effects are going on beneath the surface appearance of things, simmering, simmering like the bubbling witch's brew.

As we move through Scorpio season and the potent Scorpio New Moon at Samhain, we're moving into a period of energetic fusion and merging in areas where we can no longer go it alone.

There is a fierce protectiveness to the sign of Scorpio, and using its energy well means coming together with the right people in the right situations that will buffer and support us - rather than drain and destabilize us - through the trials, tribulations, and traumas of human life. Using this energy well means sussing out deep-down allegiances, alliances, and motivations and making our choices as far as who we'd like to join forces with (if anyone at all...) and who we'd like included in our dark-half bunker.

These choices matter now, as does the timing of advancement in relationships of all kinds. Relationship planet Venus will form a conjunction to Saturn at 14 degrees Sagittarius on October 29 (5:45 p.m.), and this conjunction will still be very much in effect at the time of the New Moon, colouring the following 28-day lunar cycle.

The Venus-Saturn conjunction has a "shoring up" and solidifying effect on both relationships and finances - but we may have to accept a longer timeline than Sagittarius would like.

This Venus-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius indicates that relationships, partnerships, and collaborations occurring between or among people with compatible personal truths and philosophies will be particularly fruitful for long-term progress.

With transiting Jupiter in Libra, disposited by Venus in Sagittarius conjunct Saturn, joining forces for a broader cause in righteous battles for justice, fairness, and peace could be particularly fruitful, providing us with some newly-stoked fire, optimism, and inspiration that could sustain us for a long time to come.

Artistic/creative collaborations are also highlighted under these astrological conditions, as are investments made in art, aesthetic, and beauty.

There is a solidity to the relations that occur now and as we are swept through the Scorpio New Moon portal. Our connections and relations are substantial in certain key ways. Relational and financial foundation stones are being set in our lives, and this could come as a relief - a brief moment when we can allow things to settle out naturally.

Key figures are being put in place in our lives, aligned in morality, philosophy, cultural struggles, and/or righteous truth.

We don't have to be standing on the same soap box, just compatible soap boxes - soap boxes that complement each other nicely.

At the same time, this is a period of potentially crossed wires, when people could figure out - sometimes dramatically - that they are not ultimately aligned in compatible truth, philosophy, or motivation with others. This Scorpio season, as always, could involve the severing of ties or the ending of relationships that are not deemed sufficient by Saturn for our long-term progress, position, and status. The "relational shoring up" underway involves wise relationship investments and a clearing of relations that will not bring us any closer to our ultimate goals.

The current astrology also indicates, as we move through the New Moon in Scorpio, that some new methods will be required (Mars in Capricorn square Uranus-Eris-Ceres in Aries). We're making strategic moves designed to support our own long-term survival and success but also the long-term survival and success of the collective. The new rules we're playing by are fluid and experimental in many cases. We're creating the structure as we go, bit-by-bit, step-by-step, whatever makes sense for our immediate moment and circumstances.

We're out on a limb on this planet - both personally and collectively - and our instincts, merged with the experience and status we've gathered thus far, drive us forward.

The will to succeed is strong now. We're the real players here - the people who know and see and sense and understand, the people who don't shy away from the real deal situations, the people who fuel themselves by delving into territory most others fear to touch.

No guts, no glory, and don't you forget it. These times test the mettle, but we are more than up to the challenge.

Goals and trajectories may need a little altering in light of current planetary conditions, and the clashing energy of Mars square Uranus (exact October 28 at 9:06 p.m.) may force new action plans. Older goals and trajectories could break down in a flash. There may be some immediate solutions to long-standing problems available around the time of this square, also.

As most regular readers here know, one of my particular Sagittarian soap boxes is anti-GMO activism.

As stated, Mars (aggressive action) in Capricorn (business) is forming a square to Uranus (technology), Eris (Goddess of discord), and Ceres Rx (agriculture, fertility of the Earth) in Aries. These squares will be strongly in effect through the first week of November. Under these aspects, two mammoth GMO seed and chemical corporations, Bayer and Monsanto, are merging.

Now, this isn't one of those beneficial and supportive Scorpionic mergers I wrote about before, no, indeed. This is a consolidation of power between two of the most dangerous and deadly corporations in the world, as Bayer swallows Monsanto up for $66 billion.

This merger of biotechnology (Uranus) giants certainly has the potential of creating discord (Eris) - the malevolent kind - in agriculture and food production (Ceres) around the world.

What should be understood is that Bayer is equally as hostile to humanity as Monsanto. Both corporations have long histories producing chemicals for the military industrial complex as well as GMO seeds and chemical herbicides and pesticides. Bayer also produces dangerous and debilitating pharmaceuticals, including the antibiotic that poisoned me.

In light of the current aspects and themes, I'd like to post a link to a radio show I did with astrologer Yerevan Saraswati in July 2016 on KOWS FM community radio in Sebastopol, California:

Why GMO Labeling is Not Fully Effective 

I appreciated the opportunity to share this information with Yerevan's listeners, and the "shared quest for truth" indicated under the current Venus-Saturn conjunction in Sagittarius indicates that it is a good time to bring it up to the surface yet again. 

Happy Hallowe'en, Happy Samhain, Happy Threshold to the Dark Half! May the mystery and magic of life at this time of year bring you many delightful moments!  

Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Emotional Instincts and Cues Under A Revolutionary Full Moon

The Moon is currently traveling through misty and mystical late Pisces, forming a conjunction to wounded healer Chiron (21 degrees) tonight before pushing its way to fullness in a 23-degree Aries Full Moon on October 15 (9:23 p.m. PDT), almost exactly conjunct Uranus.

There are emotional endings - playing so sweetly on our heartstrings - wrapped up in the new emotional territory we're entering now, as the Moon completes its transit of the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces, before entering the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, at 8:08 a.m. PDT tomorrow morning.

The Moon is pushing its way to fullness in the sign of the trailblazer, conjunct radical and revolutionary Uranus, and there can be no stopping our momentum now onto new emotional ground.

There is a "busting loose" theme here as our emotional instincts and cues take on a particularly primal tone. 

This Aries Full Moon is raw, alive. It brings movement. It knows what (and whom) it wants and will go directly for it. Our usual emotional habits and patterns are getting a necessary shake-up. We're being pushed beyond the safety and pull of old comfort zones. Our emotional impulses take on a strongly Uranian tone - erratic, raw, instinctual, driving us to new inner life, new emotional fuel, new growth.

We know we can't stay where we are. And this Aries Full Moon connects us with the beating Uranian pulse of the new astrological era. It beats a drum that perhaps only we can hear, producing necessary new rhythm and movement. We need only to gather the courage and the guts to follow this new pulse, this new rhythm, these new emotional cues and instincts, as they propel us and compel us into exciting new places.

It's a matter of emotional survival to tap into and then direct ourselves via this raw and instinctual inner pulse. The old story lines are breaking down. The old comfort zones are being shaken apart at the seams. We must move on, toward something else.

This is a relationship-oriented Full Moon, also, falling opposite the Libra Sun. 

The Aries Moon will also oppose Jupiter and Mercury, in conjunction in Libra, as it moves to its peak. Mercury in Libra will form a square to Pluto in Capricorn as the Moon grows full on October 15, producing a "cutting to the chase" effect in communications.

These new emotional impulses are working to initiate necessary change in our relations with others. People could be making seemingly sudden moves or changes in direction within relationships or social settings. Some of these moves may seem "out of character," but they are true to the traits and aspects of identity emerging as we shed astrological Pisces and commit fully to weird and wild Aquarius.

These changes in direction - potentially sudden and even radical - are reinforced by a deep and transformative conjunction between Aries' ruling planet Mars and Lord of the Underworld Pluto in Capricorn. 

This Mars-Pluto conjunction is strongly in effect during the Aries Full Moon, but it is exact at 15 degrees Capricorn on October 19 (4:22 a.m.). 

This conjunction indicates that some paths are no longer available to us. Some personal goals are no longer worth pursuing in light of the collective circumstances. Our goals and trajectories are in a state of shedding, morphing, and streamlining in order to survive "the way things are being done" on Planet Earth.

Our personal energy expenditures - including emotional and psychological - are coming under new limitations in light of planetary conditions.

Our true power now comes from shedding and eliminating all that is unnecessary, particularly as this relates to personal desires, goals, trajectories, and energy expenditures. 

Old attractions, old draws, old attachments, old hang-ups, old triggers, old dramas - all these are being offered up in a process of sombre, soul-driven purification. There simply isn't energy for all of it anymore, and this awareness makes the changes in trajectory and the honing of personal desires and goals much easier to accept.

Mars in Capricorn will continue to a square to Uranus in Aries on October 28, bringing some sudden changes or lightning bolt flashes of insight that propel us into new structural realities, providing new - and perhaps surprising - mountains for us to climb.

Female warrior asteroid Pallas Athene stations direct at 18 degrees Aquarius on October 18, and the themes of this body are very potent at the time of the Aries Full Moon, as well. Both male warrior (Aries/Mars) and female warrior (Pallas Athene) are represented prominently. 

The Pallas Athene direct station in Aquarius indicates that our most successful strategies involve setting our sights on a future vision, rather than dwelling on the things that have been taken away or lost. This is the way we battle and strategize our way into a preferable future, rather than allowing the traumas and heaviness of the past and present to consume us. 

Stretch beyond your habitual responses at this Aries Full Moon. Find the courage to take just a single step into new and uncharted emotional/relational territory, and the flashes of Uranian brilliance will guide you the rest of the way.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Dispositor Venus and Unlocking the Benefits of the Jupiter in Libra Transit

 Photo: Willow

The planet that makes everything it touches bigger (Jupiter) entered Libra on September 9, putting a spotlight on all things Libran for the following year - justice, balance, peace, beauty, social settings, and relationships, to name a few.

As I mentioned in the previous Jupiter in Libra patron article, the Greater Benefic planet in the sign of relationships does not mean purely smooth relational sailing, however.

Relationships and social scenes are growing, developing, and expanding over the course of this year (along with desires for peace, justice, beauty, fairness, mutuality, and balance), but this expansion comes with some definite growing pains, especially as we struggle to navigate new-era relationship rules, dynamics, and constructs.

This is an excerpt from the patron article, "Dispositor Venus and Unlocking the Benefits of the Jupiter in Libra Transit." This article is available in its entirety to Willow's Web Astrology patrons.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

A Blessed Point of Balance

The Sun enters Libra September 22 (8:21 a.m. PDT), marking fall equinox in the northern hemisphere, a balancing point when daytime and nighttime hours are perfectly matched.

After the nose-to-the-grindstone Virgoan harvest, a time of work, work, work and intensely industrious progress on the physical plane, we move to this airy Libran equinox point of balancing and re-balancing.

Fall equinox is a time when we raise our eyes from our own dutiful productivity, shifting focus to the enjoyment of human society and the people we like and love most on this planet. It marks a time characterized by relationships, sociability, and the shared enjoyment of the fruits of our industrious labour. It is a point of rest, recuperation, and relaxation as the scales balance themselves out naturally with little effort on our parts, perfectly counter-weighted for a fleeting period of time that must be recognized, enjoyed, and celebrated.

So Happy Equinox, everyone!

This equinox and the following Libra season are special ones, indeed, as Greater Benefic planet Jupiter is also newly in Libra (as of September 9), marking the first fall equinox since 2005 when lucky horseshoe Jupiter is bringing its blessings, expansion, and grace to the proceedings.

The Sun will form its one and only conjunction to Jupiter in Libra on September 26 at 3 degrees. These bodies will not conjoin again in Libra until September 30, 2028, so the cosmic grace is really raining down on all things Libra - and on anyone with a strong Libra placement or placements either natally or by Secondary Progression. This is a time of blessed expansion, luck, and grace in relationships, partnerships, social life, and community building. Issues around art, beauty, and aesthetic are being given a boost at this time. This aspect also indicates the potential for beneficial progress related to justice issues, fairness, truth, and overall mutuality in human relationships.

We are forming or building relationships and alliances at this time that expand our social webs in beneficial ways that will develop over the next 12 years of life on Planet Earth and beyond.

There is some strong social magic at this fall equinox and throughout this Sun in Libra season, to say the least.

With Jupiter transiting Libra until October 2017, love and togetherness are back in vogue.

This is not to say that it's all smooth relational sailing, however. (A more in-depth look at the Jupiter in Libra transit can be found in this patron article.)

Libra's ruling planet Venus moves into the sign of its detriment, Scorpio, on September 23 (8:51 a.m.) for a transit that lasts until October 18. This is the placement most heavily influencing the Sun-Jupiter conjunction in Libra on September 26.

In order to benefit fully from the relationship expansion indicated by the Sun-Jupiter conjunction, we must go deep, perhaps deeper than lovely Libra is completely comfortable with.

Full emotional authenticity - layer by layer - will be required as we work together to overcome tricky ancestral patterns and sore spots as well as their emotional/psychological aftermath.

There are deep needs that have gone unmet in relationship through our ancestral lines, particularly emotional and psychological needs. These unmet needs create disturbance, trauma, and dysfunction that are carried forward through the generations. The upcoming aspects indicate a wonderful opportunity to address the carried-over ancestral trauma and unmet needs right to their roots, building relationship dynamics with greater awareness, transparency, depth, understanding, and mutual support.

Venus transiting Scorpio indicates a time when it is especially important to be clear on underlying motivations, goals, and trajectories in relationships, ensuring that these things are ultimately compatible before too much expansion and merger are taken on.

Venus transiting Scorpio indicates a deepening of soul-level bonds, a stronger emotional meshing with others, and a full merger at the heart with those we love right to the core of who they are. Powerful bonds are being forged here, and a powerful love is being catalyzed that will fuel our relationships and social settings over the next 12 years. 

We will also experience some relief in mental pressure and intensity just in time for equinox, as communication and intelligence planet Mercury stations direct at 14 degrees Virgo on September 21 (10:31 p.m.).

We've had a lot on our mental plates as the messenger planet retrograded in highly-focused and hard-working Virgo. There were many details we had to stay on top of (not at all easy during a Mercury retrograde period), many duties that had to be completed, and much work and worry and stress that had to be navigated.

Now, with Mercury shifting forward again, we experience some relief in the mental strain and worry, as well as an alleviation of the painfully intense focus. (A full shift comes as Mercury enters Libra October 7.)

As Mercury re-gains speed direct, we start to feel as if we're on top of things once again.

Something has been clarified for us since August 10 when Mercury first entered the retrograde shadow. Our perspectives have been honed and re-shaped as new information and details came in - or were dug up by us.

As Mercury goes direct, we have achieved a necessary new clarity, and we are able to put that into practical application in our lives. 

Mercury stations direct in exact trine to Pluto in Capricorn, which is also stationing direct at this time (September 26 at 9:02 a.m.). This flowing Mercury-Pluto trine - though quite concentrated and intense with both bodies stationing direct - indicates some very welcome progress, no matter how small the advancements may seem. Solutions can appear for even the largest of problems and concerns.

Overall, the Mercury direct station in Virgo relieves mental pressure, taking a load off our minds as we move into Libra season.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Jupiter in Libra: Bringing it All to the Table

Photos: Willow

Relationship-related planet Venus is acting as a scout at the moment as it transits its home turf of Libra. 

Venus is currently out front of Jupiter, which enters Libra September 9 for a transit that lasts until October 17, 2017. 

As it transits the sign of the scales, Venus is forming the same aspects to the outer planets that Jupiter will form during its own year-long transit. 

This gives us a taste of the social and relationship growth on the near horizon, and friends, this taste could be a little spicier than we were expecting from such a balanced and peace-seeking sign. 

Just as we clear the final exact Saturn-Neptune square on September 10, Venus will square transiting Pluto in Capricorn (September 11) and oppose transiting Uranus in Aries (September 18). 

Sandwiched between those two Venus aspects, we have a number of dominant squares to navigate, and the flavour of these squares gives us an indicator of the sometimes-frictional growth opportunities that lie ahead. 

The Sun and Mercury retrograde will form their interior conjunction at 20 degrees Virgo on September 12, and both bodies will be in exact square to Mars in Sagittarius September 12/13. 

We will also experience a 24-degree Pisces Full Moon conjunct wounded healer Chiron on September 16 opposite the Sun and Mercury Rx in Virgo and with all bodies squaring Mars in Sagittarius. This Full Moon has a definite "getting it all on the table" quality, and the things being shared could be inflammatory (Mars). *ahem* 

As mentioned in the recent Jupiter in Libra patron article, Jupiter's transit of Libra will put a spotlight on social justice issues and the ongoing work toward a more just society.  *hoo boy* 

The main theme I see here - with Venus scouting for us in Libra and the Sun-Mercury in Virgo square to Mars in Sagittarius - is a requirement for some of the finer points on social justice issues to come forth in order to puncture and "reality check" some partial-truth rhetoric being put forth by academic circles, media, and various organized groups. 

From the Jupiter in Libra article: 

"On the macro level, the indicated turbulence relates to social justice issues intensifying and gaining steam - though the real potency here involves perspectives and truths that are rarely heard on a public platform. 

There is quite a bloated “social justice machine” at play these days with certain pet issues being funded and supported while others are kept muted. Crystallized messages on social justice are being produced, often to the point of rhetoric. These aspects work to break down those crystallized messages, allowing those who have been shut out of the conversation to find some space within the cracks. The finer points on social justice issues must come forth, re-shaping the standardized takes that are currently dominating the collective discourse." 

In order to have a truly just society, we have to air the concerns, struggles, and grievances of all parties involved, not just the ones that fit conveniently into the currently accepted discourse. We need to understand the common roots that are shared among people of many different races and cultural backgrounds, and we need to come together through these common roots to fight - together - the unjust power structures and dynamics that continue to injure us today. 

With the Sun and Mercury in Virgo square Mars in Sagittarius, cultural and philosophical battles are to be expected, and it is precisely-applied details, facts, and personal perspectives (Virgo) that re-shape the discourse into something truer and more powerful that what we currently have going on.

I've recently re-located to a different Canadian province, and I've immediately come into instances where I know that the accepted rhetoric here is not the full story. 

I've had to pipe up in a couple different ways that have proven somewhat socially frictional, and I'm certain similar themes will be affecting many of you in the next weeks and months, as well. 

This is a theme first outlined in my main Saturn in Sagittarius article from January 2015, "Saturn in Sagittarius: Freeing Suppressed Truths with Our Blazing Arrows of Righteousness": 

"We will be confronted with many instances during Saturn’s transit of Sagittarius when the accepted rhetoric, including in alternative scenes, is not fully effective or truthful. It will be up to us to call these out." 

The transit of Saturn in Sagittarius involves: 

* Moving out from under cultural truths, beliefs, religions, philosophies, or accepted rhetoric that no longer rings true to us 
* Challenging the wisdom and authority of old era figureheads, academics, authors, scientists, intellectuals, and spiritual gurus 
* Working through fear of the truth or fear of speaking the truth 
* Updating our education and knowledge to stay relevant in these quickly-moving times

One of the areas hitting me as not-quite-right is a tendency in this new area to start public meetings and gatherings with a declaration that the land we're on (the town) is actually native land, belonging to a particular tribe, and that we are just visitors on this land. 

This statement, put forth as absolute truth by the people purporting it, is actually controversial and debatable. 

In principle, I respect the grievances of the native people, and I understand that they are embroiled in a battle with government over land rights.

What I don't agree with is using public meetings and gatherings to advance the agenda of one group of people - often unrelated to the meeting or gathering itself - while indicating that all other people are less entitled to a place in that area/to a place at the table. 

The Accepted Rhetoric: native people have experienced systemic genocide at the hands of white Europeans and are the bearers of the greatest injustice in Canada. All white Europeans come from a colonialist background.

The Unacknowledged Truth: most cultural/racial backgrounds have experienced genocidal practises in the relatively recent past and continue to struggle with the trauma and negative effects of those practises to this day. This includes people of a white European background.

Since time immemorial, people with power and wealth have oppressed, injured, exploited, and murdered those without power and wealth. This has gone on, and continues to go on, across racial and cultural lines. 

People have been pushed off their land by owners and imperialist forces all around the world. They have had their homes torn down or burned to the ground, sometimes with them inside. They have been forced onto marginal land that could not sustain life. They have been forced into starvation, degraded living conditions, and disease brought on by malnutrition, exposure to the elements, inadequate housing, over-work, vermin, and insects. They have been forced into slavery, de facto if not literal, in urban factories and in other low-paying jobs. 

The Irish potato famine, the Highland clearances of Scotland, and the purges and forced labour camps of Russia, Poland, and Ukraine are just a few examples of "white people" being subjected to similar genocidal treatment within a similar time frame. 

As stated, there are many other examples from across almost all racial/cultural backgrounds.

But because "white people" are so often considered (or implied to be) privileged within the currently accepted discourse, I offer these examples simply to puncture the "all white people are the oppressor/all white people are colonialists" rhetoric. 

Many of the white people living in Canada and the United States today were forced to leave their home countries under a situation of "emigrate or die." For many, it was not a free personal choice to come to North America. They had been forced off their land, out of their homes, and into degraded states, including starvation and almost certain death if they stayed in their home countries. 

Many died on the trips across the sea, as the ships were in extremely poor condition and were overcrowded, without proper food or medical care. During these times of forced emigration, white immigrants were considered less valuable than African slaves because the slaves were a commodity that would bring cash value if they arrived alive. The white immigrants had no value by comparison. No one was overseeing whether they lived or died on the passage over, and many perished, including when the ships carrying them sank. According to one account, 34 ships carrying white immigrants sank in the span of just one year. 

Many other white immigrants starved to death, died of exposure, or died prematurely of disease once they hit North America. 

Genocidal practises against white people and against all other races not included in the standardized discourse have been whitewashed from the current social justice rhetoric, from standard history books, and from school curricula. 

Children are taught about native history and struggles in Canada. They are taught about African American history and struggles in the United States. They are taught about the Jewish Holocaust (which, incidentally, killed more than Jewish people - intellectuals, activists, the disabled, and gypsies were some of the others rounded up and murdered.) 

Within the current discourse, class is generally kept invisible or, again, related mostly to native people, black people, or new immigrants - when in reality, poverty and the troubles stemming from dispossession and facist/genocidal practises are affecting people from many backgrounds. 

We have to broaden the current discourse if it's going to be a true representation of reality. 

And if we aren't working with a true representation of reality, we're ultimately going to get nowhere.

People of non-white races are much more likely, per capita, to experience things like poverty and police brutality. Racism is a huge and despicable problem, and we all need to work together to make it unacceptable and not tolerated in our societies. 

But there are more white people living in poverty in Canada and the United States than any other race. I can speak to this firsthand because I live below the poverty line myself. 

There are more white people killed by police every year than any other race. I have personal experience with dangerous police misconduct, as well. 

White people are struggling with the traumas and social problems stemming from genocidal/fascist practises, just like people of other races are. They are battling unresolved emotional and psychological demons, psychic disturbance, alcoholism, addictions, poverty, domestic abuse and violence, rootlessness, ill health. They are being worked to death in blue collar jobs or falling prey to joblessness, homelessness, and mental illness - just like people of other races. 

Many white people have had their roots, histories, and stories erased from the public dialogue and struggle with a sense of anomie because of that. Even worse, they have had their roots, histories, and stories re-written and manipulated by the fascist/genocidal forces themselves. (Again, this experience is not limited to white people, but it does include white people.) 

If you listen to the talking heads on the mainstream media or attend one of the many rallies on the subject of oppression in our society, it is quite unlikely that you will come away with any understanding of this shared struggle, however. 

These are all facts. But they are facts that are rarely acknowledged or spoken about in the current history books, in school curricula, or on mainstream media platforms. 

If you do bring up these inconvenient facts, it's quite likely that you will be branded a racist, and I'm willing to take that risk here. 

Focusing almost exclusively on the plights of certain groups of people - native people, African Americans, or Jewish Holocaust victims, for example - manufactures a consensus reality that is not fully true or representative of the current situation. 

This has a tendency to breed resentment in groups that feel their concerns are being ignored, downplayed, or kept invisible within the broader discourse. 

These manufactured resentments often have a racially divisive effect, rather than bringing together all the different groups to fight these power dynamics that are still harming us and running rampant today. 

I know I won't be popular speaking and writing about these things, but it isn't about being popular. It's about saying what needs to be said and writing what needs to be written to bring about effective social change.

And it's about saying what needs to be said and writing what needs to be written from your perspectives, too. This is what's being asked of you under the current transits. You have the ability to speak clearly from your own particular perspective, puncturing half-truths and bloated rhetoric (whatever form they may take) that are keeping us from being as effective as we need to be. You have the ability to advance the discourse in ways that it desperately needs to be advanced. 

This is the cathartic healing point we're being pushed to at the Pisces Full Moon conjunct Chiron September 16. And this is the work being laid at our feet as Jupiter enters the sign of fairness, beauty, and justice. 

I don't wish to play identity politics. I know my injustices are no more deplorable than your injustices and vice versa. I just want everything on the table so that we can fight and work and make a more just world together, for everyone. 

I want the needless suffering of everyone, regardless of background, to end. But first, we have to acknowledge the shared suffering that has gone on and continues to go on. We have to come to a true understanding of the context in which we are living on Planet Earth.

They're hurting and killing all of us.

I want it acknowledged that we're in this together, that we're struggling together, and that we fight this fight together, even as we fight it in our own particular ways, from our own particular backgrounds and personal perspectives.

From where I sit, this is not what's happening with the current discourse.

And it needs to change.